Local First Springfield
PO Box 2254, Springfield  62705

Local First Springfield Missions

Mission #1 Consumer Education

  Help consumers understand why LOCAL FIRST matters

  • 20% of consumers don't care about the local message.
    20% are already committed. The biggest opportunity
    to influence change is with the 60% in the middle.
  • 45% of every dollar spent with a local independent
    business stays in the market; 13% of every dollar
    spent with a chain operation stays local. Every dollar
    spent local works 3x harder in our community.
  • Work together with your neighbors, friends and others
    in your community. Cross promotion and teamwork
    will pay big dividends.

Mission #2   Make your B-to-B spending local

    Switch your business spending to be LOCAL FIRST

  • Consider where your business currently spends- and modify where you can.
  • Switching even $100 a month of your spending in 2-3 categories to a local firm (VS national chain) could have a huge impact on local business.
  • Businesses should be willing to do what they ask consumers to do: Think LOCAL FIRST

Mission #3   Influence government and development decisions

    We have to lead the way to a better understanding of these concepts.

  • Local First will invest in economic studies and make the effort to educate local officials about the many economic benefits of LOCAL FIRST.
  • Local First will be focused on encouraging government to shift incentive programs to encourage local business expansion VS providing incentives to bring in new competition for local businesses.
  • Local First will work with developers, community groups and public officials to improve the local economy by expanding jobs, growing revenue, making development programs more efficient and effective.

Local First Springfield

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